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Richland County Senior Coalition
Our Vision:
 "Create an Environment for Healthy Aging"

Our Mission:
"Collaborating to promote the highest quality of health and dignity for seniors and provide aid to age in place"

Who We Are
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The Richland County Senior Coalition is comprised of a group of volunteer advocates who have first hand knowledge of the gaps in service that many of our seniors face.  Even though Richland County works hard to ensure seniors have access to everything from transportation to comprehensive medical care, there is still a segment of the population who "falls through the cracks".  In order to address this need, representatives from the Richland County Commission on Aging, the Richland County Health Department and the Sidney Health Center have come together to raise funds so they can help seniors that have no other alternatives.

Many of our senior citizens are living on a fixed income and are struggling to keep up with the high cost of food, housing and assistance with their daily living; these are basic needs for all ages but they are crucial to our seniors.  Often times, its easy to overlook the struggles our seniors face because they are a proud generation and are not used to asking for help--but that doesn't mean they don't need it.

What We Do
Our Senior Coalition fund is designed to help fill gaps in the delivery of health services and in home support needed to maintain independent living for those 60 and older in Richland County. The Senior Coalition itself doesn't provide any services but it does provide the financial means for an individual to acquire the needed service.  Upon receiving an application, our financial committee reviews it and makes a determination upon whether or not the application can be approved.  

The Senior Coalition accepts applications for any number of services or needs but primarily focuses on the following:
  • In-home Medication Setups (services granted for 2 years per application)
  • Automated pill dispensers (one purchase per individual)
  • Personal Care (services granted for 6 months per application)
  • One-time financial assistance for a medical emergency/hardship
  • One-time financial assistance for needed durable medical equipment
  • Referrals to other programs that may meet the applicants needs
If you or someone you know would benefit from any of the services above please contact the Senior Coalition or fill out the application form found in the next page.

Senior Coalition Board Members
Jodi Berry (Co-chair); Richland County Commission on Aging
1201 W Holly, Ste 1--Sidney
(406) 433-3701

Kelly Wilkinson (Co-chair); Crestwood
410 3rd Ave SW--Sidney
(406) 433-4681

Rita Jacobsen (Co-chair); Richland County Health Dept. (RSVP)
1201 W Holly, Ste 1--Sidney
(406) 433-2207
Susan Dahl (406)
Felicia Iversen
(406) 433-3701

Greta Mannen
(406) 433-2207

Jill Carpenter
(406) 488-2128

Paula Bostrom
(406) 488-2128

Karen O'Dell

Kay Johnson

Richland County
201 W. Main
Sidney, MT 59270