Richland County Planning & Zoning Commission


The Planning and Zoning Commission shall have such powers as may be appropriate to enable it to fulfill its functions and duties to promote county planning and to carry out the purposes of Title 76, Chapter 2, Part 1, MCA. The Planning and Zoning Commission adopted their Bylaws on June 35, 2018.

Commission Members, appointed pursuant to MCA 76-2-102(1):

County Commissioner: Shane Gorder

County Commissioner: Duane Mitchell

County Commissioner: Loren Young

County Clerk & Recorder: Stephanie Verhasselt

County official: Adam Smith, County Public Works Director

Citizen member: Devin Bell

Citizen member: Kale Petrik

Meetings and Hearings:

Citizen Initiated Zoning Districts:

McGlynn Reservoir Zoning District Regulations(Resolution No. 2018-16) and Zoning Map (Resolution No. 2018-06).