Licensed Establishments

Regulated Establishments

Richland County contracts with the State Department of Public Health and Human Services Food and Consumer Safety Section (DPHHS) to conduct inspections, licensing, and plan review on all food service establishments, including mobile units, wholesale food facilities, hotels, tattoo and piercing shops, trailer courts/campgrounds/RV parks, and work camps. These establishments are licensed by DPHHS and inspected by a sanitarian at least annually, and must adhere to state and local regulations. Hard copies of these regulations or inspection reports are available upon request.

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Retail Establishment Rules and Montana Code Annotated Title 50, Chapter 50

Wholesale Food Manufacturing Resources and Montana Code Annotated Title 50, Chapter 57

Hotel (Public Accommodations) Rules and Montana Code Annotated Title 50, Chapter 51

Trailer Courts/Campgrounds/RV Parks Rules and Montana Code Annotated Title 50, Chapter 52

Body Art (Tattoo & Piercing) Rules and Montana Code Annotated Title 50, Chapter 48

Montana Code Annotated Title 75, Chapter 10,

Montana Code Annotated Title 45, Chapter 5, Part 6

Each of these regulated establishments must undergo a plan review process and an inspection prior to licensing and service. Each establishment may also be subject to additional rules and regulations from other agencies. For additional information or to begin the process to obtain a license, please contact the Environmental Health Office.

Food Safety Courses

Effective January 2015, most licensed retail food establishments are required to have at least one employee trained in food safety. Please review this information for course availability. ServSafe Food Handler courses, which do not fulfill the Certified Food Protection Manager requirement but provides important food safety information, are available upon request.

If you prefer a fully online course and exam, visit

Guidelines for Volunteer Groups

Volunteer groups providing food for sale or service at a function such as a religious or charitable organization's bake sale or community dinner are exempt from licensing, but must follow all food safety rules outlined in the Administrative Rules of Montana, linked above. Please use the following references to guide your food preparation and service, and call the Sanitarian with any questions or concerns.

Food Safety for Volunteers (PDF)

Cooking for Groups (PDF)

Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands (PDF)

Updated May 2022