Siren Alert

Warning Sounds

It is essential to disseminate vital information to the general public in order to keep them informed and advised as to what is happening and what needs to be done. This alert notification comes by way of an Emergency Audible Siren that has been installed in Highland Park near the cemetery. This location was selected to maximize the potential for being heard throughout the Sidney area. The outdoor warning siren sounds according to the following:

  • Curfew siren operates daily at 10:00 pm
  • Tornado warning or any other life threatening incident
  • Fire alert siren sounds to alert local fire departments of a fire call

When you hear the sirens sound, go indoors and turn your weather radio, radio, or TV on to hear the warning message. In case of power outage, have a radio with battery backup available to get the warning message. If an emergency warning is necessary, upon hearing the sound of the alert siren, tune to 660 am, the official Emergency Alert System (EAS) station, and/or a weather radio or any of the local radio or TV stations for instructions and information and proceed as instructed. In addition to the local EAS system, Richland County broadcasts emergency alert information through local TV and radio providers and would be activated as needed. Often times this alert is used for severe weather warnings for our area. Once again, take necessary precautions and proceed as instructed. A good quality AM radio with fresh batteries (power may not be available) is required.

Please note: These emergency broadcasts are not currently available to satellite subscribers. To help you and your family be better prepared in case of emergencies, please check out related links or contact us.

  • OAA Weather Radio
    • 162.550 - Williston
      162.475 - Glendive
  • Primary EAS Station
    • KEYZ 660 Radio

Siren Alert Sounds

  • Fire Alert Signal Fire Alert Signal
    A wavering tone means the local fire department has been paged to a call.
  • Attention or Alert Signal Attention or Alert Signal
    This is a steady blast or tone for three to five minutes. Listen for essential EAS broadcasts by radio or TV.